Technical Information


Durability and Reliability

The Long-term durability of HISHITANK™ is based on the testing tanks in-use and MCIT keeps developing and improving our technique.
HISHITANK™ is a trusted name backed up by more than 50 years of design guided by the continuous accumulation of test data.

Panel Strength

The panel strength is designed such that stress is distributed equally throughout the tank. Analysis by computer confirm displacement of all panels, and stress of any part of the panels. HISHITANK™ has long-term durability because it was designed with internal water pressure in mind.


Earthquake Resistance

HISHITANK™ is designed structurally considering the dynamic water pressure that can occur during the earthquake based on the great store of knowledge MCIT has accumulated in R&D. We offer many grades of tank for different intensities of seismic events.


The design of the structure prevents it from losing the shape. Joints between panels become stable. Gaskets are designed, considering shape and material, and in this way strength leakage is greatly improved.


MCIT is researching and developing unique techniques to improve such qualities as corrosion resistance and sealing, to provide clean, reliable water.


The unique technique of nylon coating MCIT protect water from corrosion. Any steel materials inside tank are coated by nylon or resin using proprietary technique to protect water from corrosion.


HISHITANK™ uses proprietary sealing technology to block external impurities and thereby maintain the integrity of the water within.

Drainage system

The smooth, clear surface of the inside panels resists the adhesion of impurities.

Thermal Insulation

Tank with Insulation can be designed the effect of ambient temperature on the water inside the tank. Experience installing in Japan, with its different climatic conditions between North and South, but also in hots regions, such as the Middle East and South East Asia have allowed us to improve our specification about thermal insulation.