About Us
MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INFRATEC CO., LTD. is the pioneer in Japan to manufacture product "GRP" (Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic) tanks under the name of "HISHI™" GRP water tanks since 1962 for over 50 years. It has been an innovative and reliable leader in this industries serving a range of customers to their full satisfaction.
As the products of one of the renowned “MITSUBISHI” group companies, HISHI™ GRP water tanks are committed to meet stringent quality control in order to achieve the highest performances and meeting the demands of the customers worldwide.
MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INFRATEC CO., LTD.'s research is always looking forward to upgrading and exploring new development of the water tank in anticipation of future needs. Hence the present panel type tank is developed with full flexibility in assemble to any capacity as required.
"HISHI™" GRP water tank is now marketed to more than 20 countries worldwide.