Hot Water Floor Heating Systems (Residential)

Floor Heating Hot Water Mats For Flooring (XL SOLETM)/ Residential

Floor heating hot water mats for flooring

Hot water is circulated in the YUKALON XLTM pipe laid under the floor for heating. Enables a comfortable interior in various places.


  • Extensive Size Variations
    We have developed 32 types + custom sizes, which make layouts possible in various living room shapes.
  • Flooring Finishes
    Choose various floor materials using standard 12-mm flooring building materials.
  • Outstanding Durability
    The built-in piping is cross-linked polyethylene with high durability.

Hot Water Floor Heating Systems (Residential, Non-residential)

Medium-Scale Floor Heating Panels
(XL SOLETM CURE SHINUCHITM) / Residential, Non-residential

Medium-scale floor heating panels


  • On-Site Piping Type
    On-site piping uses 7A cross-linked polyethylene pipe fitted in grooves in the panel.
  • Flexible Layout
    Any size or shape can be accommodated by the flexible layout.
  • Jointless
    There are no pipe joints in the heating circuit.
  • Non-Residential Use
    Also suitable for larger non-residential areas in addition to residential applications.

Concrete Embedded Floor Heating / Residential, Non-Residential

Concrete embedded floor heating

Floor heating with concrete embedded method


  • Flexible Piping Layout
    The flexible piping layout can be used in all sizes.
  • Durability
    Robust YUKALON XLTM Pipe provides excellent durability.
  • Poured Concrete
    Pouring concrete on the laid YUKALON XLTM Pipe provides a heat dissipation surface.
  • Heat Storage Effect
    The heat storage effect of the concrete floor is economical.

Cross-Section Example of Construction

Cross-Section Example of Construction

Concrete Embedding Boards(DIABASETM Board)
/ Residential, Non-Residential

Concrete Embedding Boards

The bosses on this foam board serve to fix the YUKALON XLTM Pipe 10A in place, and this product further improves the workability of the concrete embedded method and also provides thermal insulation.

Concrete embedding boards

Cross-Section Example of Construction

Cross-Section Example of Construction

Hot Water Floor Heating Systems (Non-Residential)

Large-Scale Floor Heating Panels (Free Joint Panel)
/ Non-Residential

Large-scale floor heating panels

These panels enable a flexible layout design by combining straight line sections and arc sections in a puzzle form and that connects 13A YUKALON XLTM Pipe to the main piping on site. Suitable for sites with a larger layout area.

Pair Tubing
(YUKALON XLTM Pipe Soft Pair)

Pair Tubing

YUKALON XLTM Pipe Soft Pair is a hot water connection pipe composed of two pipes covered with aluminum foil. The use of a pair of pipes makes construction easy, and can shorten the work time and significantly reduce the cost. Available in two types: a pair of pipes inserted in a sheath or a pair of pipes only.

(Oxygen Permeation-Preventing Cross-Linked Polyethylene Piping)


An oxygen barrier layer is added to the YUKALON XLTM Pipe to give it an oxygen permeation-preventing function. Suitable for piping materials used with iron-based equipment (boilers, radiators, etc.).

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