Cross-Linked Polyethylene Piping

Cross-linked polyethylene piping(YUKARON XL TM Pipe)

We started manufacturing and selling cross-linked polyethylene piping in 1967. This is a piping material with outstanding durability, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, and has a proven track record of use in a wide range of applications such as cold and hot water supply piping for detached houses and condominiums, hot water floor heating, and snow melting pipes.


  • Hygienic, safe, clean and reliable piping that does not affect water quality, and makes it difficult for red water to easily occur and scale to adhere.
  • Outstanding quality featuring earthquake resistance, cold resistance, and heat resistance, as well as long-term resistance to leakage.
  • Excellent long-term durability thanks to superior resistance to chlorine and chemicals such as acids and alkalis.
  • Light and flexible piping comes in long lengths, making it extremely easy to handle and install without requiring thread cutting.
  • Excellent pipe strength with strong resistance to creep and breakage.

Piping for Cold and Hot Water Supply

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Piping for Hot and Cold Water Supply

Piping material with excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance for use as cold and hot water supply piping in homes.



  • Sheath Piping

    Sheath Piping

  • All-In-One Piping

    All-In-One Piping

    YUKALON XLTM Pipe HC is passed through a sheath.


    Coated YUKALON XLTM Pipe HC

    YUKALON XLTM Pipe HC is covered with foamed polyethylene.

  • High Weather-Resistant Coated YUKALON XL TM Pipe HC

    High Weather-Resistant Coated YUKALON XLTM Pipe HC

    This is a specification with weather-resistant coating applied to the covering material for outdoor use.

  • All-in-one Pipe-S

    All-in-one Pipe-S

    YUKALON XLTM Pipe HC is passed through a protective tube.

Header Systems

Header systems

In the sheath pipe header construction method, cold and hot water is supplied through the YUKALON XLTM Pipe (cross-linked polyethylene pipe) to each fixture from headers installed in the pipe shaft or indoors at places with inspection ports.

Joint-Branched Piping Systems

Joint-Branched Piping Systems

The joint-branched piping system features excellent workability and uses EF couplings with the same piping method as a conventional one.

XL EF Prefabricated Piping Systems

This cold and hot water supply piping set is prefabricated using XL EF couplings and provides stable quality.

XL EF prefabricated piping systems


  • Labor-Saving, On-Site Construction
    Most of the connections are pre-processed in the factory, which simplifies the on-site construction and saves labor.
  • Cost Reduction
    Reduced number of labor-hours on site can reduce the total costs.
  • High Quality
    High quality is enabled by stable connections processed in the factory.
  • Pipe Type Can Be Selected
    The pipe type can be selected from bare pipe, covered pipe, sheathed pipe and protected pipe.
  • Tip Couplings Can Also Be Selected
    The tip couplings can be selected from one-touch and mechanical types.

One-Touch Coupling with Insertion Confirmation

One-Touch Coupling with Insertion Confirmation


  • Insertion is Easy to Confirm
    Transparent plastic is used for the pipe insertion part, so it is easy to see at a glance how the pipe is inserted during and after construction.
  • Weight Reduction
    Reduced weight and cost competitiveness have been improved by using plastic parts.
  • Insertion is Confirmed with Sound
    There is a “click” when the pipe is completely inserted, which makes it easier to know when the construction is complete.
  • Inner Diameter Seal
    An inner seal is used that is less susceptible to external pipe scratches. Compared to O-rings, the two fluororubber seal rings used are more difficult to remove, and improve water-stop performance and reliability.
    One-touch coupling with insertion confirmation
  • Eco-Friendly
    The copper alloy mainly used for the screw part is lead-free bronze.

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