Silage Wrap Film, Subfloor Tarpaulin for Trucks

Silage Wrap Film

Silage Wrap Film (YUKA WRAP™ BS)

This is a stretch silage wrap film that enables roll bale silage.
Note: Roll bale silage is a method of silage in which a stretch silage wrap film is wrapped around harvested grass and it is sealed in a roll.


  • Excellent adhesiveness, elasticity, and flexibility, enabling production and storage of good quality silage.
  • Protects grass from ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, and cold, and can be used during winter.
  • Compared to the use of a tower silo, the amount of investment is low, the silage work is easy, and it is a cost-saving and labor-saving method.

Subfloor Tarpaulin for Trucks (YUKA PROOFTM)

Subfloor tarpaulin for trucks (YUKA PROOF™ TM)

This is a long polypropylene waterproofing sheet that can be laid on subfloor inside a truck.

Subfloor tarpaulin for trucks  (YUKA PROOF™)


  • Maximum Width: 2,390 mm
    No seam along the length of the sheet reduces the risk of water rising from under the floor in the cargo area.
  • Lightweight Sheet
    Made of lightweight polypropylene plastic, which reduces the vehicle weight and transport costs.

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