Carbon Fiber Reinforcement and Repair Materials ①

Carbon Fiber Fabric (REPLARKTM)

Carbon fiber fabric (REPLARK™)

REPLARKTM is a repair and strengthening material for concrete structures made of high-strength and high-elasticity unidirectional carbon fiber. This material is impregnated with Epotherm epoxy resin, and it is simply bonded it to the concrete structure to achieve high workability with a simplified construction and shortened construction period.


  • Light Weight
    The specific gravity is just 1/5 that of iron, which contributes to the reduction in weight of the structure.
  • High Strength
    10 times the strength of steel plate
  • High Elasticity
    Reduces the stress burden on the reinforcing bars.
  • Durability
    Optimal for use in anti-corrosive environments such as salt damage, and features excellent chemical resistance without deterioration of its strength due to ultraviolet rays.


Used for seismic strengthening and repair of deterioration in the fields of construction and civil engineering.




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