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SOSEITM Method (spray cover method)

SOSEI Method(Spray cover method)

The SOSEITM method is a technique used for modifying an existing corrugated slate roof with a thick film spray coating.
This construction method provides the three effects: waterproofing, thermal insulation, and strengthening. Since the corrugated slate base does not need to be washed with water, water leakage is prevented during construction.
■Corrugated Slate Roof
■Metal Roof
■Concrete Roof
■ALC Roof

The SOSEITM method is a spray cover method of Toyokoh Inc. Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec provides the materials used for this spray cover method. SOSEITM is a registered trademark of Toyokoh Inc.

The SOSEI™ Method (Spray Cover Method)


  • High-pressure washing before construction not required (only for corrugated slate roofs)
  • Multiple effects (waterproofing, strengthening, thermal insulation, etc.) can be added with a single construction procedure
  • Seamless waterproofing
  • External thermal insulation effects (energy-saving measures)
  • Improved safety (good impact resistance to prevent foot injuries due to roof breaks)
  • Minimal weight load on the roof (2.5 kg/m²).

Grouting Water Cutoff and Water Leakage Repair Materials (MY KEEPERTM)

grouting water cutoff and water leakage repair materials (MY KEEPER)
Emulsion-based grouting water-stop material for repair of water leakage in concrete structures.
Effective against water leaks in concrete structures caused by cracks, joints, honeycombs, etc.
grouting water cutoff and water leakage repair materials (MY KEEPER)


  • MY KEEPERTM can be injected into wet areas, so it is also suitable for areas where there is an outflow of water (with added Aqua Gel).
  • Since it exhibits excellent fluidity, MY KEEPERTM can be injected into minute voids.
  • Handling is easy because it is an emulsion type material.

Anti-Corrosion Coating (MY PROTECT)

Anti-corrosion coating (MY PROTECT)
MY PROTECT is an anti-corrosion coating method that protects iron structures (tanks, piping, piping racks, iron stairs, steel, etc.) from rust in harsh environments such as beach areas, industrial areas, and humid environments.
Anti-corrosion coating  (MY PROTECT)


  • Exhibits high rust prevention performance due to the synergistic effects of three types of materials: undercoat material (Anti-corrosion Coat Fe), intermediate coating material (BB Coat), and topcoat material (MY Top).
  • Compared with conventional four-step heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, the three steps of MY PROTECT have equivalent or better rust prevention performance, and it significantly helps reduce costs by saving steps.

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