Embankment Reinforcement and Ground Stabilization

Geocell Method (DIACELLTM)

Geocell Method (DIACELL)

DIACELLTM is a product that maximizes the characteristics of plastics by replacing the conventional steel wire in gabions.

Geocell Method (DIACELL)


  • Since the raw material of DIACELLTM is high-density polyethylene, it does not rust, and it is chemically stable, high durabirity, and very safe.
  • DIACELLTM is friendly to the vegetation environment, due to the soil cover.

Geocomposits (Reinforce the Soil and Drainage) (DIABASETM HS)

Geocomposits are produced by integrating polypropylene non-woven fabric and high-strength polyester fiber.

Geocomposits (Reinforce the Soil and Drainage) (DIABASE™ HS)


  • Excellent drainage
  • High strength
  • Also compatible with high water content fill materials
  • Cost effective

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